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meat products
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Green Trade is a major player in the frozen meat market in Estonia. Since 2015 we have been providing top quality frozen meats from around the world to Estonian market and to our partners in the Baltic region. We are passionate about the quality of our products and we always aim to work with the best producers and traders on the market.

Our team is highly experienced and always dedicated to excellent customer service. We have long established partnerships with different logistics providers that help us streamline delivery and storage of goods. Food safety and hygiene standards are maintained at the highest level and we are confident that our customers are always getting the best product available.

Our product range has a diversified portfolio of different cuts and packaging. We work closely with our suppliers to meet the demand of our customers and offer tailored solutions. We are flexible in our approach and negotiate the best options for the client.

Our prices are competitive and we constantly research the market for new opportunities that fulfil customer demand and our financial targets.


We have long established cooperation with large slaughterhouses, processing plants and producers.
Our partnerships allow us to have direct deliveries from manufacturers and enable us to offer our clients most attractive rates.
We have built a network of logistics partnerships to guarantee strict compliance with contractual terms of the supply of goods.



We offer a range of meat products in various cuts and packaging options. To make an inquiry please provide us with your details and a member of staff will answer your query as soon as possible.

We also offer a range of other products like fish, seafood and other frozen delicacies that can be ordered via special request. Your order can be customised to your specifications.

We thank you for choosing Green Trade!

CHICKEN: fillet, legs, thigh, chicken wings.
BEEF: striploin boneless, tongue, crown coast, tenderloin, ribs, shoulder, shank cross, trimmings.
BEEF for Steak House: T-Bone, strip loin, flank, porterhouse, top blade, rib eye, filet mignon, new york strip, prime rib roast.
PORK: striploin boneless, neck (collar), shoulder, ribs, tenderloin, ham, loin, trimmings.
LAMB: loin with ribs (French rack), shoulder, neck, shank, leg, eye of short loin, saddle.
DUCK: breast, legs.
WILD MEAT: hare, moose meat, boar meat, bear meat.
TURKEY: whole, breast, drumsticks, wings.




Meat products of exceptional high quality directly from the manufacturer companies.

The map shows the countries whose products come to Tallinn.

  • Spain
  • Holland
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • France
  • New Zealand
  • Australia